Our Family

In 1991, Robert Cormier released I Have Words to Spend: Reflections of a Small-Town Editor, a collection of 85 newspaper essays that captured Cormier’s nostalgic and personal observations on family, current events, movies — basically, everyday life. The opening essay begins: “I have words to spend and sometimes spend them foolishly…” and ends: “Words. Words that allow us to communicate, to reach out, to touch each other if only verbally. And the other side of words where we find silence. And how silence, too is precious. Knowing when not to use the words and holding them back, which isn’t always easy. And then arriving at the moment to stop. And so on.”

You’ll find that this blog covers a variety of topics: from parenting and personal finance to knitting and video games. It may seem unfocused but we are writing about our lives, and the reality of our lives is that we are much more than just one thing. We are Christians; individuals; husband and wife; father and mother; a son and daughter; friends to others; nerds to everyone. And so, though we are not writers, we too have words to spend about the complicated lives we live and the many different roles we play.

We hope you’ll find something here that you can connect to and sympathize with; something worth sharing with your spouse, your parents, your kids, your friends; something that will encourage you to share your thoughts and comments; something that will keep you coming back.

And so on.